Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

At Sovereign & Saint we handcraft our jewelry with high quality materials from Grade A semi-precious gemstones to genuine Swarovski crystals and we want your jewelry to last you a long time so we’ve prepared this guide to help you care for your jewelry.

This is key to making sure your jewelry lasts. If your jewelry is too small when it comes to stretch bands, it will wear faster and it won’t feel very comfortable. It is better to have a bracelet that is bit loose than too small.

Stretch Cords
Many of our bracelets are made with high quality stretch cord, but this doesn’t mean you should attempt to stretch it out. All elastic cording will loosen slightly with repeated wear over time, this is normal.

Gemstones are gifts from the earth and each one is unique and carries different energy. Gemstones are rated on a Mohs scale according to their hardness, but this doesn’t have any baring on their quality. You should always avoid dropping your jewelry on hard surfaces as this may cause damage.

We use a variety of metals in our jewelry from karat plated gold and silver to gold filled and sterling silver. All plating on plated pieces will wear off over time and may also experience a patina due to oxiadation. There are many factors that contriubte to this including; improper cleaning & storage, moisture & humidity, rubbing against hard surfaces, etc. Karat plated gold as well as .925 and .999 silver designations are of higher quality and should endure siginificantly longer than regular plating. These are the types of plating that we predominately use. Filled metals are the next closest thing to solid or pure metals and have a long lifespan. We utilize many gold filled materials as well as sterling silver. 

Gemstones & metals should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth, never washed. Do not wear your jewelry while bathing, showering, sweating or swimming. Avoid using ultrasonic devices or abrasives to clean your jewelry. It is important to gently wipe your metal jewlery clean of oils, moisture and debris with a very soft cloth after wearing. This will keep it looking its best.

We recommend storing your jewelry in the packaging we include with each piece or on a similar fashion so that it does not become tangled or damaged with other jewelry or items. You may also store your jewelry in air-tight packaging to avoid oxidation. We pack all pieces that include metal with an anti-tarnish tab to help prevent tarnishing. The tabs should change color when they need replaced.


*Please note that sterling and plated silver materials are prone to oxidation and tarnishing, they should be properly stored in airtight packaging and wiped down after each wear to avoid this, but most oxidation or tarnish is easily removed with proper cleaning. 


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